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MacMel Arts Oil Paintings Gallery

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Welcome to my online fine art gallery of fine art oil paintings Imagine, just for a minute, a world without art! collection of original oil paintings, of landscapes art, seascapes, Drawings, river artwork.Framed prints in mounts are done in an impressionistic style. Macmel Arts have a wide collection of realism oil painting And Prints for sale.

Landscapes Oil Paintings

1Landscapes’ painting is a term that covers the depiction of natural scenery such as Seasons Mountains, skies, trees, rivers, and forests. Macmel Arts have a wide collection of fantasy mythology realism landscapes Prints for sale

Seascapes Oil Paintings

2Marine seascapes artwork illustrate years of artistic response to the beauty and mystery of the seas and their shores, Waves and sunsets and the nautical boats and ships that cross them. We at the Macmel Arts have a wide collection of nautical marine painting for sale.



3When attempting to draw a complicated shape such as a human figure, it is helpful at first to represent the form with a set of primitive shapes Shading is the technique of varying the tonal values on the paper to represent the shade of the material as well as the placement of the shadows.

Prints Framed Glass

4Very unique Oil painting framed prints done in canvas paper with protective glass to protect against uva uv damp and warm conditions all prints come with a certificate and are limted prints

Recent Works

New Oil paintings

Scottish west coast
500mm x 400mm seascape oil painting Isle of Bute …
Snowy River
700mm x 300mm snow scene landscape oil painting